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A konferenciáról, plakát kampány

This site will provide you relevant information about the Common Agricultural Policy, about the values of the agricultural activities in general and about the multifunctional role of agriculture in mountain areas of Romania. Our aim is to provide objective information to farmers, to producers associations, to entrepreneurs and to professionals active in the field of environment protection in mountain areas. In the same time we are determined to bring closer the agriculture to youngsters in urban areas, and raise awareness to the importance of maintaining local, traditional agricultural activities with its multifunctional role: environment protection, landscape preservation, production of safe quality food etc. It is a need to change attitude towards the farmers and increase the prestige of their everyday activities. In order to reach all these objectives we used and will use a lot of different tools on this page, such as the informative multimedia material, the mountain farmer game, news and comments. This page is an information tool and in the same time a tool to manage the project partnership network, collecting all news and information about the activities of the PACINFO project.

All this information activities are realized in the frame of the PACINFO project, financed by the European Commission Directorate General of Agriculture and Rural Development and by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.
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